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Bond&Fill launches new product; Quick + Easy Performance Plus PVC Adhesive Cement
Bond&Fill, a company which formulates a high-performance line of PVC sealants and PVC adhesives for use with PVC trim, molding and millwork, today announced the launch of its latest product, Quick+Easy Performance Plus PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Cement.

Quick+Easy Performance Plus, an eco-friendly PVC Cement, is the latest in a line of more than 45 products created and introduced to the market by Bond&Fill. Company founder Dan Andrade also operates sister firm Advanced TrimWright (ATW), a re-manufacturer of PVC products for the construction industry. Read More

Specialty Builders Supply adopts new PVC recycling program
More and more homeowners are asking builders to use PVC trims and decking instead of wood. With this growth, however, comes a new challenge for both suppliers and contractors - what to do with waste of a virtually indestructible product composed of chemicals.… Read More

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